We have gotten all the programs up for October, 2008. Enjoy.
All times are for a.m. and p.m.


7:00     Candidate Forum for National, State,  & County
            In order of appearance - Forum sponsored by Fairmont Times West Virginian             and Greater Fairmont Council of Churches
01. Jay Wolfe R., Candidate for U.S. Senator                   
02. Russ Weeks, R.: Candidate for Governor            
03 .Charles Minimah, R., Candidate for Secretary of State
04. Natalie Tennant,   D., Candidate for Secretary of State
05. J. Michael Teets, R., Agriculture Commissioner Candidate
06. Gus R. Douglas, D. Incumbent Agriculture Commissioner
07. Dan Greer, R., Candidate for Attorney General
08. Elizabeth Walker, R. Supreme Court of Appeals Candidate 
09. Menis Ketchum, D. Supreme Court of Appeals Candidate
10. Fred J. Brunner, R., 2nd Senatorial District Candidate
11. Sen. Jeffrey V. Kessler, D., Incumbent 2nd Senatorial District   
12. Sen. Roman Prezioso, Jr., D, Incumbent 13th Senatorial District
13. Ron Fragale, D., Incumbent 41st District Delegate    
14. Richard J. Iaquinta, D., Incumbent 41st District Delegate

15. Patrick “Pat” Wilson: D., Prosecuting Attorney          
16. M.L. “Peggy” Twyman, D. Magistrate                       
17. Rick Starn, R., 43rd District House of Delegate Candidate
18. Mike Caputo, D., Incumbent 43rd District House of Delegate
19. Linda Longstreth, D., Incumbent 43rd  House of Delegate
20. Shirley J. Stanton, R., Candidate for Family Court Judge
21. Amy Swisher, D., Candidate for Family Court Judge
22. “Butch” Tennant, D., Candidate for County Commissioner

10:50   End
11:00   Other Candidates
23. Don Headley, N.P. Conservation District Supervisor  Candidate 
24. Jean Conley, N.P. Conservation District Supervisor Candidate 
25. Tim Manchin, D., Incumbent 43rd  District House of Delegate

11:18   Fairmont City Council Candidate Forum
01. Bob Sapp, 2nd District
02. William “Bill” Burdick, 4th District
03. Ronald Chaney, 4th District
04. Richard A. “Rick” Stutler, 4th District
05. Dora Kay Grubb, 6th District
06. Robert Garcia, 7th District
07. Dennis Hermosilla, 7th District
08. S. Scott Sears, 7th District

12:15   Fairmont City Council Meeting—Sept. 23, 2008
 2: 36   mosaic: Restorative Justice: 9:22
 2:45   WVU NEWS
 3:00    Introduction & Democracy Now Program
            Produced by American Democracy Television that traces the history of democracy, the importance of             voting, and the responsibility of this freedom
4:02     Fairmont City Council Meeting—Sept. 9, 2008
5:28     Tiffany Samuels, ex. Director, United Way on her faith journey and Day of Caring         for United Way on Oct. 19th
5:46     County Commission Meeting: 9/2/08                    
5:51     Back to School Bash: Windmill Park 9/13/08       
6:02     ARMY: Sept. 29, 2009                                  
            Program of Sept. 22 a) Observations surrounding 9-            11 7th year anniversary; (b) Survivors recount             Pentagon experience; (c) Memorial Ceremony and inside wall at the Pentagon; (d) Upgrading Army             housing at the base and better base housing; (e)       Kentucky Native with amputated leg; (f) Soldiers      and Dogs learn from each other; (g) Kayaking     rebuilds confidence in those damaged by war
            AARP,             Sept. Program                                    0:28:29
 6:31    A.A.R.P. Eric Wells is the host. Eric leads the        viewers on information about the state Winterization             Program, Buying a home computer, and the             deceptions and fraud surrounding Satellite Systems


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